VISION is the ultimate all-round canopy for all types of BASE jumps, whether it be slider down in urban environment, slider up terminal jumps, tracking or wingsuiting.

VISION is built on foundations laid by its older brother, the famous OSP, which became a standard upon which all other BASE canopies are measured and compared.

VISION retained many characteristics of the OSP, like docile handling and superb flight characteristic in deep brakes, but in the area of forward speed, glide and flare VISION is taking it to a whole new level.

VISION canopy is equipped with the MDV5 system as standard, providing for outstanding, reliable, efficient and comfortable on heading openings, slider up or slider down, as you would expect from Atair canopies. For tracking and wing suit jumps we recommend the use of slow slider.

VISION has expanded the performance envelope at both ends of the curve. It is unbelievably stable in calm, strong or turbulent wind conditions in all flight regimes, thanks to new improved airfoil, optimized line trim and mini stabilizers on the center cell on the bottom of the canopy.

VISION has the ability to maintain a very steep and stable trajectory in deep brakes into tight landing areas with plenty of lift available for a soft landing. This is achieved by the use of SLAT Technology on the canopy leading edge. ATAIR was the first parachute manufacturer to use slats, ensuring performance edge on BASE canopy market.
Overall handling is similar to a sports skydiving canopy, but still retaining predictability, safety and reliability of a BASE canopy. Increased forward speed and improved glide will allow you to reach distant landing areas. Toggle turns are fast, responsive and efficient. The canopy is more responsive and powerful in front riser turns, and can be swooped easily, with plenty of power for great flare in the end. Recovery from stall to a full drive is quick with minimal loss of altitude.

All of that is also achieved by the use of computer designed 3D shaped ZP leading edge, providing for a more rigid and stable airfoil shape during the flight, longer canopy durability while still keeping low packing volume.


Available Size

185, 205, 225, 235, 245, 265, 285 and 305


Vision standard

  • F111 material
  • White Dacron lines
  • SLAT & MDV system
  • 3D ZP leading edge
  • Two stage brakes setting
  • Center C,D and control lines made of Red Dacron
  • Big mesh slider
  • Tailgate system
  • Porcher PN9 lightweight material
  • Black Dacron lines
  • White and Black slow slider
  • White and Black big and small mesh slider
  • Black trim tapes and thread option
  • Spectra lines (for slider up jumps only!)

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