Troll DW

Troll is a 7-cell low aspect ratio canopy, built from highest quality materials, and is heavily reinforced in critical high stress areas, such as suspension line attachments and bridle attachment point, enabling it to withstand the challenging requirements of modern day BASE-jumping. Troll airfoil provides comfortable openings, excellent canopy flight and control, and precision landings. Troll's unique aerofoil is slightly tapered on the upper surface, resulting in a more efficient airfoil with increased lift and decreased drag. All Troll canopies have Dacron lines and a unique tail pocket design that allows the lines to be securely stowed. All Troll canopies are made of F111 fabric. As an option, Troll canopies can be ordered with the MDV system. The choice depends on the type of jumps you are planning to do (for further information please see the MDV system explanation).

MDV System

Atair aerodynamics has always been at the cutting edge of parachute design and technology, and this has become very clear with the introduction of the Mono Directional Valve (MDV) system technology. The MDV system is a unique design that allows the air to flow into the canopy during pressurization at the opening stage, and also during deep brake descent. In normal flight, valves are closed and are not disturbing the internal airflow inside the canopy.

In its standard form, Troll is already a very stable canopy. The MDV Troll offers additional performance by increasing the canopy flight envelope in the deep brakes regime, before reaching the stall. The canopy has a great flare both in its standard form and equipped with the MDV technology. When making a jump with the slider up, the canopy will inflate a bit faster than normal, but the true benefits of MDV technology are fully exploited on slider down jumps. During deployment, MDV technology is providing superior canopy pressurization, reducing the amount of altitude required for canopy inflation and allowing the jumper almost immediate control of the canopy.

If Troll MDV is to be used for terminal jumps, it is recommended to switch to a slow slider in order to reduce canopy stress during the opening, without compromising consistency.

Starting from 2013, it is also possible to order the MDV system on 1, 3 or 5 cells (regardless of the option selected, the center cell will always be included for the benefit of inflation from the center, resulting in on-heading deployment). This option will meet the requirements for different sub-terminal speeds. Lightweight material is now also an option on Troll.

Available Size

185, 205, 225, 245, 265, 285, 305

  • F111 material
  • White Dacron lines
  • 2 stage brakes setting
  • Control lines in different color
  • Big mesh slider
  • Tail Gate system
  • Lightweight material
  • MDV 1,3 or 5 cells
  • Black Dacron lines
  • Vectran lines *
  • ZP nose
  • Black reinforcement tapes, thread and slider
  • Slow slider
  • Small mesh slider
* for slider up jumps only


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