Back in 2007 we released the Trango, the first ultra-light BASE canopy on the market. It became such a successful canopy, that we continued development on it through three generations.
Although the ethos of the original Trango has remained, through further development, the design, technology and performance has evolved to the point that an all-new canopy has been created.
Atair is proud to introduce PEAK, a brand new ultra-lightweight BASE canopy specifically built for the most demanding wingsuit flyers and trackers.
PEAK is the first BASE canopy that really flies like a sport skydiving main. Its new airfoil, with innovative ZP leading edge transforms the canopy, giving great all round performance and a vastly superior flare.
As any BASE canopy gets older, the porosity of the fabric increases, which can lead to a decrease in the performance in the low speed flight regime and flare. For this reason, we have continued to use a ZP leading edge on PEAK. This modification was computer designed, extensively tested, and the results are confirming dramatic reduction of the ageing effect of the canopies, while still keeping the pack volume low.
This longer leading edge that features a new 3D shape, gives the canopy fantastic all-round performance. Great glide is combined with fun flying, giving you a canopy that’s a real pleasure to use, not just a way of getting to the ground.
The response to toggle input is like no other BASE canopy, flying like it’s a much smaller wing. PEAK is agile in flight, offering the same predictable performance in deep brakes for sinking in as it does if you choose to swoop.
Our priority on building PEAK was to offer incredible flare performance, something that we’re proud to have achieved.


PEAK is to be used ONLY for slider up jumps.

Available Size

185, 205, 225, 245, 265, 285

  • Lightweight material
  • ZP leading edge
  • Vectran lines
  • Dacron lower steering lines in different color
  • Slow slider
  • Soft links
  • Black reinforcement tapes, thread and slider

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