Canopy flight performance

A company of BASE jumpers and aviation enthusiasts.

The Atair team is made up of a family and friends who all share a common passion for flying. Our passion has helped realise many great products which are enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world.

Atair is the most innovative company in the BASE jumping sector, leading the way with products like the Trango, optimized for lightweight alpine use, and the OSP for low altitude jumping.

In parallel with the production of some of the world's finest parachutes we also conduct research projects for both civilian and military customers.

The high quality of our products is due mainly to our excellent production team, most of who have been with Atair since it was founded in 1992.

Our main focus is on BASE jumping and skydiving canopies, but we are also active in all forms of human flight, including paragliding, hang gliding, speed flying and wingsuit flying.

Product Development

In Atair we are constantly looking for new technologies and solutions in order to improve our products. Recent developments include a state of the art software upgrade to aid our design process and joint development of a new parachute fabric.

In Atair, anyone can come with an idea. The real talent and innovation comes from exploring those ideas, selecting the ones that are the most promising and refining them into a product that performs well, and then having the guts to take that product to market and bet your reputation on it.

In that regard Phoenix Fly, Adrenalinbase, Atair and the US BASE manufacturers all deserve accolades for their efforts.

We, the manufacturers, are striving to make our sport safer by advancing the technology that protects our lives.







Stane Krajnc founded Atair in 1992 together with his wife Magdalena.

Over the last 20 years Atair has manufactured thousands of parachutes that have been sold all over the world. Many of the canopies were sold under different names through private labeling (Impulse, Alpha, Cobalt, etc.).

Atair is well known in the BASE community for its Troll, Trango and OSP canopies.


Andrej Krajnc has followed in his father's footsteps. He started paragliding at 9, skydiving in 2006 and BASE jumping a year later.

He graduated in the development and construction of BASE jump canopies from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Stane has been passing his knowledge and experience onto his son for years.

They have been designing canopies together and after having been in the business for so many years Stane decided that it is time he left the business to the young, talented and the innovative, and in 2009 Andrej Krajnc has been appointed as a new director of the Atair company.